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A or An (It's A Masterpiece!)

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Can I ask you a question? … What is it?

We use a or an for one thing or person.

Here, Mac is painting a picture. There’s only one picture, so we use a.

Rory is asking one question so he says a question.

Mac is painting a picture.

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Is it a man?

Can you not see? Look harder!

We use a when we say what a thing or person is.


  • It’s a bee.

  • I see a bird.

  • She’s reading a book.

  • You’re sitting on a chair.

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Oh I can see it now! It’s an apple? Right?

What? Where do you see an apple? No, it’s not an apple!

We use an before words starting with a/e/i/o/u.


There are some exceptions…

an hour (the h is not pronounced so we use an).


There are more exceptions but you’ll get to know them.

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Oh, I see now! There are two apples!

 Where do you see two apples? Show me!

When there’s more than one thing we use the plural. 


We usually make the plural by adding an s.


There are exceptions, for example:

  • man - men

  • woman - women

  • child - children

  • foot - feet


But don’t worry, you’ll get to know these over time too.


Whatever it is, Mac, it’s amazing. It’s a masterpiece! I think you’ll be a great artist one day!

What do you mean…one day? I’m a great artist now!

We use a for jobs, for example:

  • She’s a doctor.

  • He’s a dentist.

  • I’m a student.

  • Mac will be a great artist.

  • Eva is going to be a footballer.

paint brush

masterpiece: the Mona Lisa is a masterpiece.




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