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Mac and Rory's Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Mac and Rory Grammar Stories?

Mac and Rory’s Grammar Stories is a webtoon for kids learning English as a foreign language. Mac and Rory Grammar Stories is designed to be a supplementary reference guide for beginner’s grammar. So, if your child or your students don’t understand a grammar rule, or they have no interest in learning grammar, Mac and Rory could be what they’re looking for!


What’s a webtoon?

Webtoons are comics specifically created for viewing on a smartphone or a website. People read them by scrolling down.


Do Mac and Rory only cover grammar?

We provide free content, available to our website members, including: Mac And Rory’s Essential Vocabulary for Kids, Phrasal Verbs and Verbs with Prepositions. Sign up to become a member to see this free content or follow our account on Instagram and Facebook.


We’re also introducing a new series of stories, called “Mac And Rory can…” which is loosely based on the CEFR A1 Can/Do statements. At the moment, these will form part of our free content available to our website members.


What age group is Mac And Rory Grammar Stories aimed at? 

Mac and Rory was originally aimed at 9-13 year olds. However, teachers are finding that kids of all ages seem to relate to and enjoy Mac and Rory’s everyday adventures.

What curriculum is Mac and Rory Grammar Stories based on?

Mac and Rory Grammar Stories is designed to be a supplementary reference guide for beginner’s grammar. So, if you’re a teacher and you find that your students have no interest in learning grammar from their prescribed curriculum textbook, or you’re the parent of a child that just needs a helping hand to understand a grammar rule, why not see if Mac and Rory can help?


What kind of grammar do Mac and Rory cover?

We cover basic elementary grammar. Here is a list of the grammar rules we cover:

  1. To be 

  2. To have

  3. Simple present

  4. Present continuous

  5. Present continuous or simple?

  6. I was

  7. Simple past

  8. Will

  9. Going to

  10. Can

  11. Would you like…

  12. A or an

  13. A or the

  14. This, that, these or those

  15. Possessive Adjectives

  16. Subject or object pronouns

  17. Countable or uncountable

  18. Some of Any 

  19. Possessive S

  20. Possessive Pronouns

  21. Imperative

  22. There is/are

  23. It is!

  24. Adjectives

  25. Adverbs of manner

  26. Comparatives

  27. Conjunctions

  28. Prepositions of time

  29. Prepositions of place

  30. Questions

  31. Adverbs of frequency

Will Mac And Rory cover more grammar rules in the future?

Yes, we will be releasing more grammar stories over time. Our story creators are busy brainstorming as we write this!

I’m a teacher. How do I use “Mac and Rory Grammar Stories” into my class?

Once you sign up to the website as a member, and then choose a pricing plan (you can buy for one month, 6 months or 12 months), you can go to one of 31 webtoons (online comics). 

How you use Mac and Rory depends on you and your class. But, if you’re looking for an idea, why not…

  • Print out the comic version of the story and the worksheet for your students.

  • Introduce the grammar point to your class.

  • Read the comic with your students.

  • Use the grammar explanations on the website to help you explain to your students.

  • Explain any vocabulary that’s new using our vocabulary section.

  • Play the audio to your students and then get them to practise themselves.

  • Ask your students to do the worksheet.

  • Ask your students to read the grammar story on the website, and then do the online quiz for homework. 


I want to use Mac and Rory in my class but I have no electronic equipment. What can I do?

That’s no problem. You can print off a copy of the comic version of the grammar story and the worksheet for each of your students. You can then get your class to read through the comic and you can explain the grammar points as you go through the story. 

I’m a parent. How do I use Mac and Rory Grammar Stories to help my child?

Once you sign up to the website as a member, and then choose a pricing plan (you can buy for one month, 6 months or 12 months), you can go to one of 31 webtoons (online comics). 


You can go through the webtoon on your computer, or your mobile phone with your child, and then do the online quiz. You can also listen to the voiceover accompanying each webtoon picture and you can see an explanation of any harder vocabulary that the story uses.


Alternatively, if you don’t like working from a screen with your child, you can choose to print out the comic version of the webtoon, along with its worksheet.


Of course, you can use both the screen and the print versions. 


I don’t recognise the voiceover accent. What is it?

The voiceover actors are speaking with Irish (Dublin) accents. Ireland is a small island off the coast of Europe, right beside Britain. Ireland is a very popular destination for people studying English. It’s a friendly nation with close cultural and economic ties to the US, Canada and Britain. The Dublin accent is similar to West Coast US and Canadian accents.

If I pay a subscription and I change my mind, can I get my money back?

Yes, as long as you get back to us within 7 days of your purchase, we will return your payment. 

How do I cancel a subscription?

Click "Hello" Your name at the top left of the screen. A drop down menu appears. Click "My Subscriptions". Click the arrow beside the "Active" button. Then click the Cancel Subscription on the lower left of the screen. You'll still be able to view content until your subscription runs out. If you're having any difficulties, email us. 


We've had a lot of fun making these stories!

If you have any more questions, email us at or click Contact Us! on the bottom of the webpage.


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