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Do We Have To?

On Sunday, Mac and Rory visit the National Gallery with their friend, Adam.

We use must or have to to describe something that is necessary.

Adam really likes an artist so he feels it's necessary for him to see her paintings.

Adam is so excited, Rory thinks it's necessary to see the paintings too.

 02_Do We Have To_ Page-01.jpg

The negative of have to means it is not necessary.

 03_Do We Have To_ Page-01.jpg

You must not does not mean the same as you don't have to.

Must not means it is necessary not to do something. Here, Mac is not allowed to touch the exhibit.

If the security man said, "you don't have to touch the exhibits" it would mean it is not necessary to touch the exhibits, but you can if you want to!

An hour later...

"We don't have to see any more" means it's not necessary to see any more paintings.

Now it's your turn!


What things do you have to do? Perhaps you have to do your homework, help your parents or tidy your bedroom?

Now list some things that you don't have to do, that your parents or family do for you. Perhaps they cook your dinner, bring you to school...

A few minutes later, in a park across the road, on top of a statue of a giant...


  • to be blown away: to be amazed

  • exhibit: something that is on show in a gallery or museum

  • giant: an extra big person


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