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We're Going To...(Have A Great Year!)


Any New Year's resolutions, Rory?

Yes, Mac, I do. I'm going to help the environment!

Rory uses going to here to describe what he has decided to do in the future.


  • I’m going to help the environment.

  • Mac’s going to study space.

  • We’re going to cook dinner on Friday.

  • They’re going to buy a new game.

Mac and Rory are watching the fireworks on New Year's Eve.


I'm going to plant trees. And I'm not going to buy plastic bottles or bags. 

To use the negative, put not before going to.


  • I’m not going to buy plastic bags.

  • You’re not going to buy plastic bottles.

  • She’s not going to buy plastic toys.

  • We’re not going to buy plastic boxes. 

  • They’re not going to buy plastic.


Well, we have to help the planet!

Are you going to be an eco-warrior? Wow!

For questions, put the verb before the noun or pronoun, for example...

  • Am I going to go with you?

  • Are you going to read the book?

  • Is Mac going to play cards?

  • Are we going to see that movie?

  • Are they going to be late?


What are you going to do Mac?

I'm going to become Super Dog!

You can use question words too…


  • What am I going to do?

  • Who are you going to meet?

  • When is she going to make it?

  • Where are we going to go?

  • Why are they going to do it that way?


I'm going to join an agility class. 

Are you serious?


You're not going to join an agility class, are you?

No, you're right. But I'm going to help you save the planet. That's a much better idea.


It's going to be a good year. 

 It's going to be amazing!

  • New Year's resolution: a decision to do something different for the new year

  • eco-warrior: someone who fights for the environment

  • environment: the air, land and water where humans, animals and plants live


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