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Possessive Pronouns
(It's Ours!)


Rory played a difficult match today!

That's MY ball!

I don't think so! It's MINE!!!

You can use possessive pronouns instead of the possessive adjective and the noun.


  • It's my ball.           

  • It's your ball.        

  • It's her ball.         

  • It's his ball.           

  • It's our ball.         

  • It's their ball.        

  • It's mine.

  • It's yours.

  • It's hers.

  • It's his.

  • It's ours.

  • It's theirs.


Rory has his friends, Liam and Adam, over after the match.

These guys are really good friends of mine!

We also use possessive pronouns in this phrase… friends of mine (yours, his, hers, ours, theirs).


  • I’m meeting a friend of yours.

  • She goes to school with a friend of mine.

  • He’s going to the movies with a friend of ours.


They're mine!

But all their stuff got mixed up in the back of the car.

To make a question, use whose.

  • Whose ball is this?

  • Whose sandwich is this?

  • Whose shoes are these?

  • Whose books are these?

Whose socks are these?

They're Rory's!


They're his! It's all Rory's stuff!

Whose are these?

You can also use whose without a noun.

  • Whose boots are these?

  • Whose are these?


  • Whose ball is this?

  • Whose is this?


Yes, it's definitely hers.

I think that's your Mum's umbrella!


But the trophy is definitely theirs... for this week anyway!

It's ours at last!

We are the Champions!

  • invite someone over: ask someone to your home

  • guys: when you are talking about two or more people

  • mix up: different things are put together

  • definitely: certainly 

  • champion: winner of a competition


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