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I Might Or I Might Not!


Rory is planning his birthday party.

I might have a party this year. What do you think?

Yeah, good idea.

When you're thinking about choices you can make or you're not certain about the future, use might.

The cake is pretty important so...

I might get a layered cake, or a football cake.

Why not get a novelty cake with me on it?

  • I might

  • you might

  • he/she/it might

  • we might

  • they might

I might have a football party.

Are you sure? It might rain.

After choosing the cake,...

The negative is...

  • I didn't use to like carrots but now I do. 

Note: there is no d at the end of use in the past tense.

Yes, you may be right. 

May I make a suggestion? What about an escape room party?

I have no idea how to solve this!

No, you have to work it out for yourselves!

For questions...

  • Did I use to eat peas?

  • What did you use to do?

  • Where did she use to go?

  • How did we use to make that?

  • Who did they use to know?

Note: there is no d at the end of use in questions.

Come on, Mac, help us!

Rory imagines the escape room party...

Later, the friends go to the park.

You know, this party might be more about you than me!



  • chores: boring work (usually around the house) 

  • puppy: a baby dog

  • tip over: knock over 

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