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Our Philosophy


So do I!

I do too!

And I speak it as well!

I speak English!

A lot of people speak English — around 1.5 billion people!  So, it's a useful language to know!



Grammar describes the rules of a language. We need these rules to help us understand one another. 

But sometimes the grammar rules are hard to remember... and just a little... BORING!!!!


So Mac and Rory have set themselves the challenge of making grammar more interesting!


OK, so I wave my spear, and then you run this way.

OK, I understand now!


For thousands of years, humans have been using the power of pictures and stories to spread ideas to help humankind (and "dogkind") to advance!

I like it!


Do aliens exist?

Mac and Rory have decided to explain the basic rules of English grammar through stories, pictures and audio. So kids can learn grammar but still have some fun!

I do my homework.

But Mac doesn't have a swimming pool. 

Mac and Rory's stories should help your brain to remember grammar rules and when you should use them.


We're good at talking!

Yes, we certainly are!

But remember, the most important thing of all is get out there and start talking English! 

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