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I Was...(Sad Without You!)

Last week, Rory was on holidays in Rome. Mac was at home. Poor Mac!

We use to be a lot when we talk about things in the past, for example...

  • I was at home.

  • You were at school.

  • Sarah was here.

  • He was in the garden.

  • We were hungry.

  • Mac and Rory were tired.


Now, Rory is showing Mac some of his favourite photos from the trip.

This statue was really cool!


And these dog statues were so cute!

Cute? Look at their teeth!


To make the negative, add not. Most people use the conversational form when they talk. You can use either.

Take a look at our handy table below.

It wasn't me!

Some statues weren't so cool. They were missing heads or arms. 


  • I was not

  • you were not

  • she was not

  • he was not

  • it was not

  • we were not

  • they were not

  • The cat was not

  • Rory was not


  • I wasn't

  • you weren't

  • she wasn't

  • he wasn't

  • it wasn't

  • we weren't

  • they weren't

  • The cat wasn't

  • Rory wasn't


The food was so good, especially the pasta!

I love pasta!


It was AMAZING!!!

To make a question, change the position of the verb.

  • Was I in your house before?

  • Were you at school today?

  • Was Mac here earlier?

  • Were Mac and Rory in the park?

Was the ice cream good?


You can also use question words, for example...

  • Where was I in this picture?

  • Who were you in the show?

  • When was she here?

  • What were their names?

  • Why were we there?

  • How was the movie?

Wow! Where were you in this photo?

That's the colosseum! It was so COOL!

OK, so Rome was really good.

Yes, it was, but I was sad without you!


holidays (UK): vacation (US)

cool: really good

especially: very much

cute: looks lovely



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