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James Stevenson Review

James Stevenson is an English language teacher in Japan.  He decided to try using Mac And Rory Grammar Stories as supplementary material in some of his classes. His students in these classes are 15-16 years of age.

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James starts his class by explaining the grammar rule. Then he goes through the Mac And Rory Grammar Story with his students. James plays the audio and then repeats the dialogue himself more slowly.


Then he asks the students to complete the online quiz.


James prints out the comic version of the Mac And Rory Grammar Story and the worksheet and gives a copy to each student to complete as homework.

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"You have made a wonderful website, and you have great ideas. It has been a pleasure teaching your lessons and I can now do more interesting lessons with my students."

James Stevenson

Check out James' comments on Mac And Rory's Grammar Stories for yourself at... 

Premier Potential Publishing

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