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Simple Past... (I Had A Really Good Summer!)


I had a really good summer.

Rory is using the simple past of the verb to have.

  • I had a good summer.

  • You had pizza last night.

  • Rory had lots of homework.

  • We had lots of fun in the park.

  • Mac and Rory had a game of football.

Rory is back in school after the summer holidays. 


I surfed. My friends called around. And we climbed some mountains.

For lots of verbs, add ed to make the simple past.

  • I surf.

  • I surfed.

  • My friends call around.

  • My friends called around.

  • I climb mountains.

  • I climbed mountains.

Tell us all about it, Rory!


A lot of verbs are irregular. Don’t worry, you’ll get to know them over time!


  • You do a lot.

  • You did a lot.


  • We go to the beach.

  • We went to the beach.


  • Mac makes a friend.

  • Mac made a friend.


  • I fly my kite. 

  • I flew my kite.


  • We see a meteor shower.

  • We saw a meteor shower. 

We went to the beach. Mac made a friend. We saw a meteor shower. And I flew my kite.

Wow! You did a lot!


On the way home...

Did you have a good day at school, Rory?

It was OK. It was a bit boring.

To ask a question, use did.


  • Did you see the movie?

  • Did she go home early?

  • Did Mac and Rory have a good day?


Look how we use the stem of the verb with did.


  • Did you went home?

  • Did you go home?

Untitled_Artwork (3).png
Untitled_Artwork (3).png

You can also use questions words…


  • What did I get for lunch?

  • Why did you do that?

  • When did she see that movie?

  • Where did he hide it?

  • How did we do it before?

  • Who did they meet in the park?

What did you like most about our summer, Mac?


To make a negative sentence, use did not or didn’t.


  • I didn’t swim yesterday. 

  • You didn’t see that new movie yet.

  • Rory didn’t do his homework.

  • We didn’t go to school last week.

  • Mac and Rory didn’t clean their room.

I liked the beach but I didn't like surfing.


I was not too busy! 

The verb to be is another irregular verb in the simple past.

We use this verb so much we've got a whole story about it. Check out the Mac and Rory's Grammar Story "I Was...(Sad Without You)".

Were you too busy with your new friend?


Yes, we had a great summer!

Sure we always have a great time, Rory!


to call around: to visit

to surf

to skateboard

meteor shower

Meteor_shower glos.png

to climb


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