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Some Or Any
(Red or Blue Baubles?)


Rory likes his Christmas tree to be perfect.

Use some when you talk about more than one or two things.

  • I'm going to get some presents.

  • She's eating some strawberries.

  • We are looking for some clues.

I have some blue  baubles, Rory!

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No, I don't want any blue baubles. I need red baubles!

For negative sentences, we use any.

  • I'm not going to get any presents.

  • She's not eating any strawberries.

  • We're not looking for any clues.

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Would you like some silver baubles, Rory? We don't have any on the tree.

In most cases we use any in questions.

  • Do you have any apples?

  • Does he have any games?

  • Do we have any chocolate?

But when we offer something to someone, we use some.

  • Would you like some apples?

  • Can I offer you some sweets?

  • Do you want some chocolate?

No, I said red, Mac! Do you have any red baubles or not? 

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You can use any or some without a noun, once you know what you're talking about.

  • Would you like some strawberries? No thanks, I don't want any.

  • Are there any apples left? Yes, there are some in the bowl.

  • Do you need any water? No, I have some in my bag.

Ok, I'll go look for some, so.


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At last, Mac finds some red baubles and comes back.

Would you like some help, Rory?

Yes, please! 


Later, in front of the fire...

What did  you ask Santa for, Rory?

I asked for some video games. What did you ask for?

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Peace on earth and a solution to climate change.

...Oh yeah, I asked for those too.

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  • decoration: something that you put on something else to make it look good

  • to celebrate: have a party for a special reason

  • Santa: Father Christmas

  • solution: an answer to a problem

  • climate change: change in the weather



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