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You Used To Be So Cute!

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Rory is doing his chores. Mac is helping!

You missed a bit.


You're so helpful!

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Mac used to be cute.

Mac is a grown dog.

Rory finds some photos of Mac when he was a puppy.

Hey, Mac, you used to be so cute!



We say used to when we are talking about how things were in the past or past habits.

What do you mean, "used to be"? I am still cute!

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You used to sleep all the time.

We use used to contrast things in the past with the way they are now.

  • You used to eat vegetables. Now you don't.

  • She used to play hockey. Now she plays football.

  • It used to be easy. Now it's really hard.

  • They used to like that song. Now they can't listen to it anymore.

Now I want to play football all the time!

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The negative is...

  • I didn't use to like carrots but now I do. 

Note: there is no d at the end of use in the past tense.

You didn't use to like socks.

I still don't like socks!

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You used to tip over the bin all the time.

Did I use to make a  big mess?

For questions...

  • Did I use to eat peas?

  • What did you use to do?

  • Where did she use to go?

  • How did we use to make that?

  • Who did they use to know?

Note: there is no d at the end of use in questions.

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Later, after Rory has finished vacuuming the sitting room...

You used to be great at football. What happened?

I'll show you!


  • chores: boring work (usually around the house) 

  • puppy: a baby dog

  • tip over: knock over 

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