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We Will...(Always Be Best Friends!)


OK, Mac, where are the shooting stars?

We will see one in a minute.

Mac and Rory are stargazing.

Use will and a verb to describe the future.

  • I will go tomorrow.

  • You will see the movie next week.

  • She will walk home today.

  • We will play in the match.

  • They will fly to Spain tomorrow.

Untitled_Artwork 1-min.png

OK, can I go home now?

In conversation, we usually shorten the word will to 'll

Check out our handy table below...

Five minutes later...

Be patient! It'll be amazing!


  • I will...

  • You will...

  • She will...

  • He will...

  • Mac will...

  • We will...

  • They will...


  • I'll... 

  • You'll... 

  • She'll... 

  • He'll... 

  • Mac'll... 

  • We'll... 

  • They'll... 

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I love looking up at the stars. I think I'll be an astrophysicist when I grow up.

And I'll be a zookeeper. I like animals.

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To ask a question, change the position of the verb.

  • Will I play on the team tomorrow?

  • Will you go to Spain next year?

  • Will Rory see a shooting star?

  • Will we go to the beach in the morning?

  • Will they see us?

Will we ever travel into space? Hey, did you see that?

Maybe...see what?


What will we do in space?... I know! We'll be space tourists!

You can use question words with will too. 

  • Who will be there?

  • What will we do?

  • Where will the match be?

  • When will they be here?

  • Why will he go there?

  • How will we do it?

And I'll buy a robot so we'll never have to do chores again!


You are playing too many video games. Stop!

OK, we won't buy a robot. 

The negative of will is will not. In conversation, we say won't. We use will not mostly for emphasis.

  • I won't go to the beach because it's too cold.

  • I will not eat carrots. I don't like them!

  • You won't see the stars when it's cloudy.


We'll always be friends!

And we'll do silly things like stay out in the cold all night looking at stars.

Later, in their sleeping bags...

Untitled_Artwork 1-min.png

Mac, I'm really cold now. Can we go in?

No! We have to wait! Will I get a hot water bottle for you?

Untitled_Artwork 2-min.png

There's that thing again. I'll ask Mac what it is when he gets back.



sleeping bag


hot water bottle  

  • to stargaze: to look at the stars

  • astrophysicist: a person who studies the stars

  • zookeeper: a person who looks after animals in the zoo

  • chore: a job to do around the house


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