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Prepositions Of Place
(Where's The Remote?)

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Mac and Rory are in the sitting room about to watch their favourite TV show. 

Other examples using in


  • The dog is in the room.

  • There are clouds in the sky.

  • She lives in Spain.

  • He is in hospital.

50 episodes!  Excellent! Let's start!  

Fantastic Boy is so cool!

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Here are some more examples using at


  • I’ll meet you at the bus stop.

  • He is sitting at the table.

  • They are at home.

  • She is at school.

There’s someone at the door.

Ding Dong!

Who could that be?

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OK, we’re ready. Where's the remote?

Here are some more examples using on…


  • The picture is on the wall.

  • The bee is on the flower.

  • The apple is on the table.

It was just the postman. 

I don’t know. I thought it was on the table!

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Maybe it’s behind the cushion?

Here are some more examples using behind…

  • The ball is behind the tree.

  • The book is behind the bag.

  • The apple is behind the orange.




Is it under the sofa?

Here are some more examples using under…


  • The money is under the rug.

  • The cat is under the car.

  • The mouse is under the chair.


No. OK, let’s think! Where does Dad always hide it?

Is it beside the TV?

Here are some more examples using beside…


  • The keys are beside the book.

  • The bag is beside the door.

  • The bike is beside the tree.

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Between the books on the shelf!

Between the books on the shelf!

Here are some more examples using between…


  • Why don't you sit between us?

  • She's standing between her two friends.

  • They put a tent between the two trees.

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Yes, it’s near the big blue book! Yeah, above the red and pinks ones!

Got it! Ok, let's watch Fantastic Boy!

Here are some more examples using near and above…


  • She parked the car near the school.

  • Rory is near the end of the race.

  • He is flying above the clouds.

  • We live in the apartment above theirs.

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remote (control)

  • to be about to: just before you start something 

  • episode: a TV show is made up of episodes 

  • postman or woman: someone who brings you letters

  • nope: another way of saying "no"




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