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Are There Any Swans? There Are!


Mac has made an adventure trail for Rory and their friends.

We use there is or there's when we talk about something or someone for the first time.

  • There’s a dog in the park.

  • There’s an apple in the bag. 

There's a map for this trail! That's so cool, Mac!

Thanks Eva! OK, everybody, pay attention!


OK, so there is a river here. You have to cross it.


There are gates over there. That’s the finish. OK?

There are hills. Be careful!

You can use there with plural nouns too. Just use there are .


  • There are people outside.

  • There are trees in the park.

  • There are gates at the entrance.


Are there any swans?

Swans? Why?

To ask a question, swap the position of the verb.


  • Is there a chocolate bar in the bag?

  • Is there a new teacher?


For more than one thing...

  • Are there apples in the bag?

  • Are there people in the park?


I just don’t like swans, OK?

That’s so random! Well, there aren’t any swans…as far as I know!

And for the negative, use:

  • there is not

  • there isn't

  • there's not

  • There isn’t a sound.

  • There aren’t any apples left.

  • there are not

  • there aren't


 So, where’s Rory?

We passed him at the hills.

10 minutes later, Eva and Paul have finished…but where is Rory?

There are the gates! We finished!


Hey, what happened, Rory?

Are you OK?

Oh-Oh. There’s Rory, at last. There’s blood on his knee.


I was cycling over a hill and there was a big rock!

You can use there with the past tense too…


  • There was a knock on the door. 

  • There was a dog on the path.


And then there were two angry swans! 

And for the plural in the past tense...


  • There were a lot of ducks. 

  • There were people in the cinema.


There’s a new ice cream shop in the village. Let’s go! 

Now that’s a great idea!

So, what will we do now?

  • trail: a path through the countryside

  • random: happening by chance



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