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Possessive Adjectives
(Too Much Stuff!)


Where are your clothes, Rory?

The possessive adjectives are:

  • my

  • your

  • her

  • his


We use the possessive adjectives when we talk about things that belong to somebody.

Mac and Rory are getting ready for their holiday.

My clothes are not important!

  • its

  • our

  • your

  • their


I think you have too much stuff!

We also use possessive adjectives when we talk about our bodies, for example…


  • My hair is black.

  • Your eyes are brown.

  • Her shoes are new.

  • His finger hurts.

  • Our hands are clean!

  • Their feet are wet!

Ouch! I hurt my finger!

Untitled_Artwork 1-min.png

Here, you’re and your sound the same, but they have two different meanings.


  • You’re means you are.

  • Your means the things belonging to you.

I have too much stuff? You’re going to have a problem fitting your things into the car, Mac.

 These are only some of my things.

Untitled_Artwork 2-min.png

Mum says leave enough room for her suitcase too. This car is no good. Its boot is way too small.

Dad says we need to make room for his bag. It’s not going to be easy!



  • It’s means it is, and

  • Its means the boot of the car


So the apostrophe is very important!

At last Mac and Rory put all their things into the car.

Untitled_Artwork 3-min.png

And we are off on our holiday!

Sit down, Rory, and put on your seat belt!


  • are is from the verb to be

  • our means the holiday that we are going on

Luckily, Mum found the roof rack!

  • get ready: to prepare 

  • holiday (UK) or vacation (US): time for pleasure

  • stuff: things

  • to fit: to be the correct size 

  • to make room: to make space for something

  • "we are off...": we've started...


roof rack

trunk (US)

boot (UK)

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